We are totally nuts for bakery, pastry and confectionary and we love to share our passion.

So, while working on the opening of our patisserie, we are bringing together the essence of why we love this craft.

This delicacy is a virtual unknown in Hong Kong, but immediately conjures memories of the Sunday family dinner and Christmas. A confectionary gift that is always welcome with a large smile in France, Italy and my native Switzerland. Always a treat that we absolutely wanted to keep secret until now; This would be Nougat.

Nougat is traditionally made with sugar and honey, roasted almonds, walnuts, pistachios, hazelnuts and egg whites. We only use the highest quality imported- nuts and honey so the taste is always fresh and no too sweet. Our Nougat do not use corn syrup or artificial flavoring like they do in those mass produced candy bars!

Top quality nougat should have a condensed yet crunchy consistency, but should never be too hard or chewy. It has been a difficult task to find the perfect recipe that would adapt to the hot and humid Hong Kong climate. But now we are proud to present our Nougat to our Chinese and Western customers alike, and I must say it has been very well received. 

Our Nougat comes in 3 flavors: the Nougat Blanc (meaning white), the Brown Nougat that has a more roasted flavor, and the Strawberry Nougat that adds a fruity touch to the original recipe.

It’s simply evil.